Ears, Eyes and Voice

A multidisciplinary experienced  team working with cargo ships, brokers, logistics companies and other key players. We have more than 30 years of joined experience in shipping agency services and shipping business. Our accurate and fluent communication in English and Spanish plus our expertise allow us to anticipate tough situations and/or propose solutions to contribute during your operations in Panama. As a customers and solutions oriented team, we will make our partnership a fruitful and pleasant experience.


Good communication shall be accompanied by accurate information.

  • Panama Canal Transit & Reservation System Specialist
  • Anchorage and Port of Call Agents
  •  ​Ship to Ship
  • ​Lightering
  • Protective Agents
  • Spares parts handling, clearance, storage and delivery.
  • Crew Changes
  • Cash to Master Delivery
  • Owners Matters Coordinators 
  • Any Maritime and Logistics Solution that you may require

We will comply with the promises given.

Capas E.E.V. is:


Ships Agents with effective and timely communication which  is required for efficient

and trust-based relationships.

​ ​​​​​Solutions


Our expertise as well as our high quality work will allow us to anticipate problems and/or find solutions for your needs.

Understand and fulfill our customers' needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner through outstanding communication, accuracy, reliability, anticipation, and problem solving. By fostering a partnership based on trust, honesty, and sound business practices, we become your ears, eyes, and voice of maritime services. Let us navigate your course.


Promises accomplished

Promises Accomplished

Shipping Agency Services in the Panama Canal, Ships Agent, Port Agent, Crew Changes, Spare parts clearance and delivery, Protective Agents, Maritime Agency and Others.

Be the world's best maritime service provider while positively impacting the operations & lives of our stakeholders through fair and responsible management.






​​​​​​Anticipation &


Shipping Agency Services in panama